Baby Led Weaning Equipment

Have fun and explore with our baby led weaning equipment

One of the best parts about having a baby is all the messy fun you can have when it comes to weaning. By choosing to go with baby led weaning, you can let them explore the various tastes and textures that come with new foods, and it can make for plenty of fun photo opportunities too!

If you want to let your baby explore food in a fun and creative way, we’ve got all the equipment you’ll need for them to do it safely

At Kiki Bear you can find products such as:

Munchkin Splash Plates 2pk- designed to grip to the table, these plates are non-slip and modern in design

Tommee Tippee Design Weaning Spoons x5- these fantastic spoons are great for little ones that want to start using cutlery. The super soft tip is gentle on their gums, they’re super easy to clean and their long anti-slip handles are perfect for reaching to food jars.

We also have various feeding utensils, accessories and bibs that will make this next milestone even more practical and enjoyable. 

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